Hidden Historic Floor

Business owners in Dade City contacted us when they discovered a historic concrete floor had been hidden under layer upon layer of paint, carpet glue, and in some places, VCT tile and adhesive. They wanted EM Surface Care to remove these layers and preserve as much of the original floor as possible. The concrete floor, which had a three-dimensional design, had been installed in the 1920s.

About Historic Preservation

Not all stone restoration contractors have the knowledge, skills, and tools to address concerns and resolve problems when it comes to historic surfaces. The Secretary of Interiors Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties specifies four approaches to historic surface preservation, that is, preservation, rehabilitation, restoration, and reconstruction. Preservation entails repair and maintenance of the surface as it is, without adding or reconstructing any part of the surface. This is the approach that the owners requested for any part of the floor that had a three-dimensional design.

Our Process

We used a combination of methods to remove the old surface materials, from plain water and hand scrubbing to chemical treatments and agitation to mild abrasives and brushes. Since one section of the floor did not have a three dimensional design, we used traditional restoration methods, including grinding and honing with diamond pads mounted on a floor machine.

We were able to remove all of the extra layers without doing damage to the floor, dramatically improving its appearance. It was a pleasure to work with the owners to preserve a bit of Dade City’s history. They were very pleased with the outcome.

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