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Expert Granite Repair and Restoration

Granite, one of the world’s hardest materials, is a stone of choice for kitchen countertops and floors, not only because it is gorgeous, but because it is resistant to most acids, very durable, and easy to maintain. Even so, granite is not impervious to damage. If your granite is dirty or dull-looking, scratched, etched, cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged, we can make it look brand new again!

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Expert Granite Repair

Granite Restoration Can Be Challenging

Much harder than marble, granite is a rugged and resilient stone that is notoriously more difficult to repair and restore than other types of natural stone. It requires specialized knowledge and equipment to achieve the best results. At EM Surface Care, our technicians are highly trained and qualified to work with granite. We understand granite’s unyielding qualities and have the right tools and techniques to restore a factory finish, even if it is badly damaged.

At-A-Glance Granite Services

From minor services like having your granite floors or granite countertops polished to major services like a complete granite floor or granite countertop repair and restoration, our professional technicians can perform these services for you.
  • Cleaning and sealing
  • Repairing cracks and chips
  • Removing stains
  • Polishing to restore a brand new look

Granite Services Overview


Granite granite floors and surfaces that are too dull or too shiny can be refinished to whatever finish you prefer: gloss, semi-gloss, matte, or custom.


Honing virtually erases dull areas on granite associated with wear patterns, scratches, etches and spots.


Polishing your granite using the appropriate diamond-infused pads or polishing powders is the final step of the refinishing process. Our expert technicians can achieve the exact finish you are looking for.

Grind (Lippage Removal)

We can grind away excess granite to create a flat, level surface if your granite tiles are uneven or if you want your tile floor flattened to the grout lines to facilitate easier cleaning.

Don’t replace your damaged granite! Chips, cracks, and breaks can be repaired using adhesives, fillers, and specialized equipment. We can hone and polish to match the repair site with the existing finish.
Tile Replacement

Our craftsman can, in many cases, remove an unrepairable granite tile without damaging neighboring tiles and reinstall a new tile.

Stain Removal

We’re here for you, whether you are seeking guidance on how to remove granite stains and discolorations yourself or you want us to treat them.

Clean and Seal

The more porous your granite is, the more susceptible it will be to staining. We professionally deep clean using non-acidic, highly-effective cleaning solutions, followed by an application of high quality sealer, if needed.

Regularly scheduled maintenance is customized per your specific needs and requirements.

Common Granite Questions

Unlike many other services, we can’t quote a price per square foot. There are too many variables to consider. How bad is the damage? What kind of damage is there? What level of sheen are you looking for? All of these things, and more, need to be factored in to give you an accurate and fair quote. We do provide free estimates and will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

We recommend safe and effective cleaning products for you to use on a daily or weekly basis. For ongoing, long term care, call us today to discuss your needs and to schedule regular care and maintenance for all your natural stone surfaces. Visit our Caring For It page to download our free Stone and Tile Care Guide.

Visit our Stain Management App to learn how to treat a host of stains on natural stone, tile and grout, concrete and terrazzo. Learn about stains, poulticing, how to mix and apply a poultice, and more.

Professional deep cleaning helps keep your floors and surfaces in top condition, minimizing wear due to contaminants or grit and grime. Regular cleaning or janitorial services are valuable for day to day care, but professional cleaning is necessary for long term care. Professional cleaning is extremely thorough, flushing away deeply embedded contaminants.
When it comes to granite, refinishing may be required to achieve the look you want. We can also seal and protect kitchens, baths, outdoor living areas, and more to inhibit staining and make regular cleaning more productive. Regular cleaning and janitorial services are usually not appropriately trained or equipped to handle these types of specialized services.
Although technically it is possible to seal your own granite, it would not be advisable to do so. Anyone without the proper training and experience can expect potential problems. There are many factors involved, such as determining whether sealer is needed, selecting the appropriate product, applying the appropriate amount, allowing proper dwell time, and so on. It’s a job best left to qualified professionals.
Once your granite is cleaned and restored, we may recommend you have us seal it to enhance its stain resistance. We say, “May” because not all stone needs to be sealed. Highly polished stone may not even take an impregnating sealer. But, if sealing is recommended, know that sealing represents an inexpensive, preventative measure against stain damage, because it buys you time to wipe up spills before they become stains.

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