Travertine Refinishing and Repair - Tampa, FL

Travertine Restored to Like-New Condition

EM Surface Care can restore the elegance to any travertine surface that has become dull, stained, scratched, etched, chipped, or otherwise damaged. We provide expert interior and exterior travertine services for all kinds of properties, from offices, retail stores, and restaurants to homes, apartments, condos, and more. Whether you need minor services like having your travertine cleaned and sealed or major services like extensive repair and restoration, we provide a full range of travertine care and maintenance services.

Travertine Refinishing and Care
Travertine Refinishing and Repair in Tampa FL
Travertine Refinishing and Repair in Tampa

We Specialize in Travertine Refinishing and Care

Travertine can be honed and polished to a stunningly beautiful finish: satin/matte, polished, or custom. Travertine should be professionally cleaned every one to two years, and in many cases, sealed, as well.

About the Holes in Travertine

Travertine is a versatile stone that has naturally occurring holes throughout. Travertine comes in two distinct forms — filled and unfilled.

With filled travertine, sometimes the material used to fill in the holes pops out or becomes exposed. This problem is easily remedied with our travertine filling services, known as “floating.” We use specialty fillers tinted to blend with the surrounding stone for a smoother, more uniform and elegant appearance.

Unfilled travertine can be beautiful in its imperfection, but it can be a challenge to keep clean. Scheduling regular professional travertine cleaning services is an easy way to ensure your travertine remains clean and sanitized.

Deep Clean

Dirt can become trapped in the naturally occurring holes in travertine. We can deep clean with our professional equipment and cleaners.

Hone and Polish
Our refinishing services include the finish, or change it, to your desired level of sheen, from matte to a high polish, and vice versa.
Fill Holes
Travertine has naturally occurring holes. We can fill these holes through a process called floating.
Seal and Enhance
If your travertine needs to be sealed or enhanced we can do this with premium quality products.
Grind (Lippage Removal)

We can grind away excess stone to create a flat, level surface if your travertine tiles are uneven or if you want your tile floor flattened to the grout lines to facilitate easier cleaning.

Don’t replace your damaged travertine! Chips, cracks, and broken tiles can be repaired using filler and specialized equipment. We can hone and polish to match the repair site with the existing finish.
Replace Tiles
Our craftsman can, in many cases, remove an unrepairable tile without damaging neighboring tiles and reinstall a new tile.
Stain Removal
We’re here for you, whether you are seeking guidance on how to remove travertine stains and discolorations yourself or you want us to treat them.

Common Travertine Questions

Travertine floating is the process used to either change unfilled travertine surfaces to the smooth appearance of filled travertine or to repair filled travertine surfaces with holes that have become exposed due to foot traffic and other factors. For repairs, we use filler tinted to match the rest of the surface, blending the repair site with the surrounding area, then honing and polishing to achieve a uniform finish. Changing a completely unfilled surface to a filled one is basically the same process, but offers a broader array of design choices, since you are not limited to a color that matches an existing filler.

While any travertine surface can become dirty and grimy with use, unfilled travertine with its naturally varying surface texture and inherent holes can be particularly challenging once dirt has had time to accumulate in the hollows and low points. Not to worry, though. If you love the untamed charm of unfilled travertine, we can remove deeply imbedded soiling, strip away years of buildup of unsightly topical treatments, remove soap film in showers, get rid of soot on fireplaces, and resolve a host of other travertine cleaning problems, leaving your stone as pristine as the day it was installed. Scheduling regular professional cleanings can help keep your floor in great shape.

Some natural stone types are more porous than others, and the more porous a natural stone is, the more susceptible it is to staining. Your travertine will be easier to keep clean with periodic professional deep cleaning services, using non-acidic, highly-effective cleaning solutions. Once your travertine is cleaned and restored, we may recommend you have us seal it to enhance its stain resistance. We say, “may” because not all stone needs to be sealed. Highly polished stone may not even take an impregnating sealer. But, if sealing is recommended, know that sealing represents an inexpensive, preventative measure against stain damage, because it buys you time to wipe up spills before they become stains.

Although technically it is possible to seal your own travertine, it would not be advisable to do so. Anyone without the proper training and experience can expect potential problems. There are many factors involved, such as determining whether sealer is needed, selecting the appropriate product, applying the right amount, allowing proper dwell time, and so on. It’s a job best left to qualified professionals.

Travertine is characterized by its neutral earth tone colors, but our skilled technicians can further enhance and intensify the color and natural beauty of your travertine by applying an enhancing sealer.

In most cases, virtually any problem you encounter with travertine can be resolved, including:

  1. Deep Cleaning
  2. Etch Removal
  3. Refinishing (restoring or changing the finish)
  4. Lippage Removal (leveling unevenly laid tiles)
  5. Crack and Chip Repair
  6. Sealing / Protecting
  7. Enhancing
  8. Stain Removal
  9. Filling Holes
  10. Replacing Tiles

We recommend safe and effective cleaning products for you to use on a daily or weekly basis. For ongoing, long term care, call us today to discuss your needs and to schedule regular care and maintenance for all your natural stone surfaces. Visit our Caring For It page to download our free Stone and Tile Care Guide.

Visit our Stain Management App to learn how to treat a host of stains on natural stone, tile and grout, concrete and terrazzo. Learn about stains, poulticing, how to mix and apply a poultice, and more.
Unlike many other services, we can’t quote a price per square foot. There are too many variables to consider. How bad is the damage? What kind of damage is there? What level of sheen are you looking for? All of these things, and more, need to be factored in to give you an accurate and fair quote. We do provide free estimates and will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

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